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Contracting Officer Representative

(Previously known as: ALMC- CL)
Course Code:
8D-F51/551-F51 (MC)

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Modes and Duration:

Resident: 1 Weeks; 0.0 Days
Onsite: 1 Weeks 0.0 Days
Classroom XXI: 1 Weeks 0.0 Days

Recommended Credit:



The 40 hour Contracting Officer Representative (COR) Course provides the student with an overall view of the contracting process, to include contract administration, statutory laws and regulations that govern the contracting process. This course will provide the student with an overview of the acquisition process, teaming, ethics and integrity, authorities, contract classification, contract types, proper file documentation, performance assessment methods, remedies for poor performance, invoice requirements, contract modifications, and contract management. Course focus is on contracting means in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation (DFAR). Other topics taught include Pre-award/Post -award Planning Process, Monitoring the Contract, Changes and Modifications, Inspection and Acceptance, Delays and Claims, Terminations, Past Performance and Payments and Closeout. The graduate of the COR course will provide the Contracting Officer with the expertise necessary to properly and pro-actively manage contracts and contract requirements.

Pre-Class Assignment:

Prior to attending class, all students will complete the practical exercise using the Handout and the PE. Links to these documents are below. Bring your completed exercise to class.




EOCC (CAC Required)



Students who have been designated and/or authorized in writing by the contracting officer to perform specific technical or administrative functions on contracts or orders; or students being assigned to, or en route to, a position requiring an in depth knowledge in contract management, contingency contracting, involving direct contact or management of contracts and contractors, active or reserve Department of the Army (DA) military officers (O-3 through O-6), warrant officers (W-2 through W-5), noncommissioned officers (E-5 through E-9), or DOD civilians (GS-7 through GS-14) to comply with the Under Secretary of Defense Memorandum dated Mar 29, 2010, subject: DoD Standard for Certification of Contracting Officer's Representatives (COR) for Service Acquisitions. All DA personnel who have been designated or anticipate being designated as a COR must complete the ALU COR course or DAU equivalent course (COR 222). CORs must be trained prior to contract award, assisting in the development of the technical requirements, the quality assurance plan, and any other pre-award activities. Students who wish to attend this course, but do not meet basic prerequisites, must submit a waiver to the Dean, College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE) for approval.

Contact Information:

Registration Assistance:

Contact: ALU Registrar
Phone: (804) 765-4152/4149/4122
DSN:            539-4152/4149/4122

Course Director:

Phone: (804) 765-4214
DSN:            539-4214

Mailing address: 

ATTN: 8D-F51/551-F51 (MC)
562 Quarters Road
Building 12420
Fort Lee, VA 23801-1705


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