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ORSA Familiarization

Course Code:
5J-F4 (MC) (RF)

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Modes and Duration:

Resident - 1 Week 0.0 Days
Onsite - 1 Week 0.0 Days

Recommended Credit:



ORSA Familiarization Courses are designed for personnel working with analysts or requiring the understanding of basic analytical tools. The course is built as modules that consist of half-day lessons. The course is a 5-day course (9 modules) that can be tailored to the needs of the organization. The following is a menu of topic modules available:

Descriptive Statistics
Inferential Statistics
Probability Distributions
Project Management
Modeling and Simulation
Presentation Techniques
Study Plans

Math Programming (takes two lessons): linear programming models and network models

Decision Analysis (available in one, two and three lesson versions):

Lesson 1 - single and multi-attribute,
Lesson 2 - sensitivity analysis, expected value of sample information,
Lesson 3 - utility values.

Special Information:






Nominees should work in a field that requires knowledge of quantitative techniques and/or supervise individuals in an ORSA position. A working knowledge of mathematics and statistics is desired.

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Registration Assistance:

Contact: ALU Registrar
Phone: (804) 765-4152/4149/4122
DSN:            539-4152/4149/4122

Course Director:

Phone: (804) 765-0044
DSN:            539-0044

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Army Logistics University
ATTN: 5J-F4 (MC)
2401 Quarters Road
Building 12500
Fort Lee, VA 23801-1705

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