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Transportation Captains Career (RC) (Phase I)

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Resident - 2 Weeks 0.0 Days

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The Transportation Captains Career Course - Reserve Component (TC CCC-RC) Phase 1 prepares Transportation officers for assignment to CMF 88 and 90 coded command and staff planning positions in Army battalions, brigades and staff positions at corps level and above by providing training in transportation operations, force protection, staff planning, digital enabler BCS3, and the operating environment with its associated lessons learned.

Special Information:

The TC Captains Career Course (8-55-C23) consists of 3 phases: Phase 1 is a resident ADT, 120 hours of Transportation-specific training; Phase 2 is 80 hours dL made up of the Support Operations Course Phase 1 (40 hours) and Military Decision Making Process (MDMP, 40 hours); Phase 3 is a resident ADT, 120 hours of multifunctional training. Phases 1 and 2 must be completed prior to attending Phase 3. Phases 1 through 3 must be completed in order to receive completion credit and 90A designation.



Students must be a commissioned officer in the Reserve Component, will have a minimum grade of 1LT (P), and will have successfully completed an Officer Basic Course or Basic Officer Leader Course.

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Contact: ALU Registrar
Phone: (804) 765-4152/4149/4122
DSN:            539-4152/4149/4122

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Phone: (804) 765-8481/8007
DSN:            539-8481/8007

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Army Logistics University
ATTN: 8-55-C20
562 Quarters Road
Building 12420
Fort Lee, VA 23801-1705

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