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Mortuary Affairs Specialist ALC

Course Code:
492 - 92M30 - C45

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Modes and Duration:

Resident - 4 Weeks 0.0 Days

Recommended Credit:

ACE - 3 Semester Hours Graduate
** See


This course covers MA echelons above corps (EAC) and corps operations, FBCB2, and warrior tasks.

Special Information:

Soldiers attending Professional Military Education training courses that are less than 8 weeks will not be administered the APFT as a course requirement. Soldiers are required to meet height/weight requirements IAW AR 600-9.

Soldiers who fail to meet the body fat composition standard of AR 600-9 and meets academic requirements will be considered an academic course graduate but, 11.c of their DA Form 1059 will be marked, "Marginally achieved course standards," and item 14 will be marked "Failed to meet body fat composition standards".

For Soldiers who fail to meet weight control standards, their DA Form 1059 and graduation certificates will NOT be held at the institution.

Prior to the start of each class, the SGL will provide vignettes to students covering Army values.



** Active Army or Reserve Component enlisted Soldiers, SGTs or SSGs must be selected by PERSCOM (Active Army) or recommended by the unit commander (Reserve Component). Qualified in Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 92M. Meet requirements outlined in AR 350-1, chapter 3. All except SSGs must have successfully completed the Warrior Leadership Course (WLC) at least six months before attending this course.

** Active Army and Army Guard/Reserve (AGR) personnel over 40 must complete medical screening and receive their medical status prior to attending this course and will hand-carry a copy of their completed medical screening report.

** Course Number 600-C45 Advance Leader Common Core is Level 2 of NCOES structured self-development and must be completed prior to graduation from ALC. It consist of 80 hours of Army-mandated tasks and is a common core curriculum. Enrollment will be managed by the U.S. Army Human Resource Command (HRC).

** Course Number 2G-F94V3.1-Commander's Safety Course Version 3.1 (Online) is a distance learning prerequisite and must be completed prior to graduation from ALC. The online course is available through the Combat Readiness University at the U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center website, This 8.0 hour online course arms commanders and leaders with the knowledge to administer a unit safety program, apply CRM, and leverage CRC tools and resources.

Contact Information:

Registration Assistance:

Contact: ALU Registrar
Phone: (804) 765-4152/4149/4122
DSN:            539-4152/4149/4122

Course Director:

Phone: (804) 765-8880/8893/8890
DSN:            539-8880/8893/8890

Mailing address: 

Army Logistics University
ATTN: 492-92M30-C45
562 Quarters Road
Building 12420
Fort Lee, VA 23801-1705

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