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Welcome to the new Army Logistics University (ALU). ALU is a composite campus for military and DoD logistics leader education. This “state of the art” learning center provides professional military education, civilian education, and joint, multinational, and interagency education supporting America’s Army logistics leaders of today and tomorrow!

ALU Announcements

Ft Lee Lodge


Due to limited on-post lodging, your class may NOT be lodged on Fort Lee, VA.

You MUST contact the Fort Lee Lodging office at (804)733-4100 or 1(800)403-8533  to confirm availability of on-post lodging as soon as possible.

In the event that on-post lodging is not available, you will be provided a Statement of Non-Availability (SNA) control number and will be given instructions to make off-post lodging arrangements/reservations through the Defense Travel System (DTS). 

If you have a confirmed reservation for on-post lodging, you must report to Fort Lee Army Lodging, Building 12015, on the report date stated on your orders.  You are required to provide two copies of your travel orders to the Fort Lee Lodging office during check-in. 

In accordance with DoD Policy, you are required to have a Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) prior to attending school to pay lodging, meal, and rental car expenses as applicable.

Sending units are required to input all travel requirements using the Defense Travel System (DTS).  Requirements include hotel reservation, meals and transportation. 

It is highly recommended that your unit authorizes you a rental car (unit funded) if you are flying to Ft Lee or in-and-around mileage (20 miles per day for off-post students and 5 miles per day for on-post students if traveling by a Privately Owned Automobile (POA)).  This is a unit responsibility.  Ft Lee does not have government provided transportation for movement to/from on or off-post hotels. 

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Rental Car Info
Date Last Updated: 07/03/2015


If you received a Certificate of Non-Availability (CNA) from the Defense Travel System (DTS) between 19 and 29 June 2015 then the below information pertains to you:

All DTS CNAs issued between 6/19/15 and 6/29/15 for Fort Lee Lodging have been rescinded.  Off-Post Lodging will not be funded or reimbursed with these certificates.

ON-POST LODGING IS AVAILABLE AND DIRECTEDA reservation for your class has already been secured.  Please contact Fort Lee Army Lodging as soon as possible at (804)733-4100 or 1-800-403-8533, to confirm your reservation.

If you made off-post lodging arrangements based on the erroneously issued CNA, please cancel those arrangements directly with the off-post lodging facility.

We apologize for any inconvenience this situation may cause you and are working to ensure it does not occur again.

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